SI Financial International

SI Financial International is a consulting services company, providing advisory services and solutions for organizations currently doing business in Banking Supervision and Risk Management industry. Our focus is to fulfill the risk management needs of supervisors/regulators, banks and other organizations.

SI Financial International Team is made up of qualified, dynamic, and rigorous professionals from different backgrounds with extensive experience. The Team is composed of former supervisors/regulators, bankers, analysts, auditors, and administrative and human resources manager.

SI Financial International was formed because we think that we can bring our contribution in assisting and teaching financial institutions in managing risks. Our comprehensive risk management approach is to provide supervisors/regulators and financial institutions with appropriate knowledge to better manage and protect from risks, thus improving their risk management attitude and procedures.

SI Financial International is a service company that will provide consulting and other financial services to third party. SI Financial International will provide complete management support to assure our clients maximize their income and their portfolios achieve long term profitability.

Every service that SI Financial International provides is results oriented. SI Financial International’s success is directly linked to the high level of success experienced by our clients. Our philosophy is simple and straight, “Incorporate/consider the entire business process and culture of our clients in order to maximize the impact on the client’s activities”.

SI Financial International also provides assistance to investors interested in the Central African region in exploring local and international markets, as well as providing due diligence of prospective clients.

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