SI Financial International is also work with some other locally well-known firms on non-financial services.

  • Komo Voyages sarl – a IATA accredited agent also specialized in Gabonese tourism. Komo Voyages is composed of a team of young dynamic, rigorous and qualified men and women with a rich professional experience who will be prepared to find a match to your request and/or a solution to your problems.

    You can visit Komo voyages at www.komovoyages.com

  • - Vet-Line sarl – a veterinary clinic which earned an excellent reputation, thanks to the doc. Nomsi. The clinic provides its clients with the best services in terms of quality, in line with recognized international standards. Vet-Line also offers other services such as grooming, sale of animal health products, and counseling in order to provide its customers with a full range of appropriate and immediate services.
  • - Transet sarl – a company dealing with transportation and logistics. The company is specialized in the transportation of people and fret to remote Gabonese towns.
  • - Au Petit Café sarl – a company specialized in catering which offers various services such as meal delivery, preparation and organization of buffet for third persons for any kind of occasions. Au Petit Café is a snack bar, fast-food and classic restaurant providing local and Slovenian specialties.

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